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Preparing your House for Sale: The Driveway

by Mark Myers

Preparing your Home for Sale: The Driveway


  1. Make sure that if you have a gravel driveway you spread a new layer of gravel, especially if your driveway is prone to mud puddling and if it has exposed spots. You may be surprised how inexpensive some of the gravel can be. If you spread new gravel on the driveway it will make a huge difference in appearance. Make sure any grass or weed sprouting has been eliminated as well.
  2. Repair any cracks your concrete drive may have.
  3. If you have a basketball court make sure it is usable and in good condition. It may be considered a nice detail by the next owners.
  4. Any flower beds that are bordering the drive, make sure they are looking good.


Please stay tuned for next blog post about: The Fence

Preparing your House for Sale: The Yard

by Mark Myers

In the last blog post, we talked about how to prepare your house for sale starting with the mailbox. This blog post will focus on the yard.

Preparing your home for sale: The Yard

  1. Mow the yard often to keep it looking neat. Toss some grass seed on bare spots.
  2. Keep the flower beds (if any) weed free.
  3. Cut back overzealous shrubs that obscure windows.
  4. Pick up dead tree branches.
  5. Trim shrubbery.
  6. Clean out fish pond if you have one.
  7. Clean out fountains and birdbaths (if any). When showing the home make sure to turn on fountains. The sound of gurgling water is very pleasant and relaxing to most people).
  8. If there is a swing that stays with the house, get it in good repair. Oil squeaks, paint it, and replace missing parts, if possible. If it’s beyond repair take it down.
  9. Remove anything from the yard that is unsightly, such as limbs, concrete blocks, flower pots, etc.
  10. Remove inoperable vehicles from the yard.
  11. Outbuildings need to be in good shape. Paint them if they look a little tired. Latches and locks need to work reasonably well. If wired for electricity, replace burned out bulbs.
  12. See that all yard lights work.
  13. Make dog pens or runs as clean and attractive as possible. Pick up any animal excrement from the yard, if animals are not penned. If your dog is a digger, fill in holes and spread grass seed.
  14. Even if the grill attached to your patio doesn’t work, spruce it up. Clean racks and the appearance of serviceability will at least make it seem more of a positive possibility than an eyesore.
  15. Play up the comfort and visual appeal of your patio or porch. Arrange your patio furniture in an attractive way. Place a book on a chair in a shady corner.


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Preparing your House for Sale Starting with the Mailbox

by Mark Myers

There are many things that go into making your house look and feel like a home to a prospective buyer. The reaction you would want from a potential buyer is " Oh-h-h, now this is a nice house!", to get this reaction please keep reading...

Making your house appear as attractive and friendly as possible from the street is imperative. Without this, it will be hard for potential buyers to recognize your home. Here is how to start:


1. Replace the post the mailbox sits on if necessary. If not, painting it to match the house is a nice touch. Remove any rust you may see on the mailbox itself and apply a new coat of paint. Replace tattered house numbers. 

2. If there are flowers planted at the base of the mailbox, make sure they look as fresh as possible. 

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